Playback frequency: 7Hz – 40KHz On the side there is a sticker with a modest description of the model Sensitivity: 105dB Hello everyone. In general, after walking around the bush, I nevertheless decided to order a new AS10 model and test it in action.
Model: AS10 Rated impedance: 14ohms Compatibility: PC, phone Earphone fit: In-Ear Headphones available in two colors This review will focus on the new flagship AS 10 model from KZ (Knowledge Zenith). Materials: metal, plastic

The new flagship AS10 5-driver headphones from KZ – a real step forward or movement in place?

Brand: KZ Connection type: cabled And, looking ahead, I can say that I was not mistaken! But first things first. The packaging of the headphones has changed – it has become larger and looks more presentable now, but the abundance of stickers on the box spoils the view a bit. Let’s go through the technical specifications: I’ve been wearing the KZ ZS10 headphones for a couple of months, and everything would be great if not for their bias towards sub-bass, which introduces too much nebula into the overall pack. Cable length: 1.2m Has this model become better than the previous ZS 10 and is it worth your attention? And also, will it be better if you replace the original silicone ear pads? All this under the cut.

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