Of course, you will ask why exactly 89, and not, for example, 90 or even 100. Now the price is 3.25, but when buying more than 10 pieces, it drops to 2.05, which is also quite good, especially since the batteries are generally not bad. There were 89 batteries in the order. I agree, the price is just super, but then I accidentally found out that the price was wrong and to the credit of the seller, he sent them and did not ask for additional money, and also did not waste time, respect and respect. I gave the box with batteries to a friend, but out of habit I expropriated a couple of them for tests 🙂 Wrote a friend, they say sale, order for yourself. In general, batteries do not shine with any high capacity or high current output, but in terms of price / other parameters they look normal. The fact is that these batteries were bought at a price of €1.05.

LG INR18650MH1 batteries with a capacity of 3200mAh and a current of up to 10 Amp

Batteries were released right before the New Year, 362nd day of 2017. Yes, everything is simple, the carrier had a weight limit and the delivery of 90 pieces cost some wild money, as a result, exactly 89 pieces were bought. Also at the end there will be a little information https://jiji.co.tz/cars/toyota-yaris-2014 "for reflection". I can imagine, a person is watching the conveyor, and in my thoughts I already have Olivier salad, fish under a fur coat, champagne, and here is the production and the plan … Actually, initially I wanted to call the review in words – Inexpensive LG INR18650MH1 batteries, but then I looked at the current price and was a little upset, but why, like other things, you will find out in the review. Some time after the order, the Mist Express courier brought a not so bulky, but very heavy box, inside of which the LG branded box was neatly packed, it weighed more than 4 kg.

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