LG INR18650MH1 batteries with…

Of course, you will ask why exactly 89, and not, for example, 90 or even 100. Now the price is 3.25, but when buying more than 10 pieces, it drops to 2.05, which is also quite good, especially since the batteries are generally not bad. There were 89 batteries in the order. I agree, the […]

OVEVO SH03B Waterproof Bluetooth Headset

How is water protection achieved? Comes with 2 black rubber pads. Before that, I reviewed headsets with wires, but now, with the advent of summer and the ability to run on the street, I decided to pay attention to bluetooth headsets. To hang up the incoming MFB, it is clamped for 2 seconds and the […]

TOP reviews and discounts – page [3]

TOP reviews and discounts – https://tonaton.co.ke/s_256-body-lotions page [3] Yesterday I received plastic from the PLA Silk and PLA Ultra https://tonaton.co.ke/c_animals-and-pets Silk series from the manufacturer ERYONE. Not the whole gamut of colors, of course, but a pair of coils of each series. That, however, does not https://jiji.com.et/cars/lexus-ls-2005 interfere with the impression of the product.