There is a "glove box" in front of the water columns, you can put a phone / keys in there, in short it seems small, there are two pockets. The trunk allows you to carry a small bag or a wardrobe trunk. Great wheel radius, make this scooter resistant to viboin t. more Great radius of the wheel, robbing this scooter is resistant to vibrations and roughness of the roads. 03/02/2021 Stylish and handy for two passengers, maneuverable, easy to manage. Moreover, the glove box is pressed against the key with a path, so you can open yoga at any moment. Іz minuses, troshki do not easily ride the water, it turns out that the trochs sovzaєsh and because of which pants go uphill and become "pidstrіlyanymi". Disc front galma. Speed ​​is picking up fast, 120 km/year is calm, as if without wind, it is possible to drive 140 km/year. Or you can have a laptop and a package of speeches. It’s more convenient, you don’t need to climb into the trunk.

Aprilia Scarabeo

Wonderful maxi-scooter, like on me, then expensive, ale satisfied, what you take in view of that varte. The passenger has a little breeches that move at different times of need and sit back in the back like on a sofa) Disc front galma. The release of the disturbances is 3.5 liters, which cannot but rejoice, I don’t leave the place, but because of what happened, it’s not more than 4 liters. The speed is picking up fast, 120 km / year is trimming calmly, like that. more Forgive me, Yamaha 2T engine. Stylish and handy for two passengers, maneuvering, easy to manage. 09/23/2018 Miraculous maxi-scooter, like on me, sometimes expensive, but satisfied, which you take into account depending on that varte. The trunk accommodates a povnotsinny sholom, a majestic lantsyug with a lock and different rags.

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